Mark Boone




About Mark

Mark Boone is a managing director of the Markus Group Ltd., a global consulting firm that focuses on helping entrepreneurs develop new products and successfully bring them into the market. As a company, they also help clients obtain UL©, NRTL, CE, FCC, CS, and CB certifications. The business maintains offices in Ningbo, China; Faisalabad, Pakistan; Hyderabad, India; and the U.S. The international staff speaks both English and their native language, solving one of the biggest problems facing companies that manufacture outside the United States – poor communication. Mark Boone, the managing director, is also the visionary for an underground chapel project, Ebenezer Chapel, currently in the works in Raleigh, NC.

Mark has a lifetime of experience passionately building relationships and enabling businesses to realize their dreams. He loves a challenge and never wavers in his commitment to inspire and create. His fascination with the history of the Christian church and technical expertise fuse with his projects to build a subterranean chapel for the ages in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he lives.

On top of being a managing director for a global company, Mark Boone is also a Christian history author who has made it his mission to share his faith and the lessons he has learned throughout his life with others. His passion for writing and faith came together when he wrote his latest book, From Jesus 'til Now: A Timeline of Captivating Stories That Lead You Inside Church History, with his late mother, Julie Boone. It's a masterful overview of the history of the Christian church, and its context begins with the times when Jesus was born and concludes in our early 21st-century world.

As one of the Christian authors in this modern age, Mark Boone is passionate about his faith and sharing it with others. This passion drove him and his mother to write the book, From Jesus 'til Now: A Timeline of Captivating Stories That Lead You Inside Church History. He has spoken at events all over the country nationwide of hope and redemption, and he believes that everyone can benefit from a deeper understanding of their faith.

Mark's writing style is accessible, and skilled at making complex theological concepts easy to understand. He has a gift for storytelling and uses it to make his message relatable to readers from all walks of life. His books are an excellent resource for anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Christian Church history, Christianity, and its role in the world.